Ultimate Survival Library Building Guide

Ultimate Survival Library Building Guide

Ultimate Survival Library Building Guide

In every survival situation mental strength or power is the main thing that can make a difference between life and death. Knowledge is power, with the right survival knowledge you can survive in any emergency situation. That’s why building your own survival library is very important. If disaster happens worldwide, if there is no one to help what will you do? Then a good survival library will come in handy. Our generation depends on technology, but what if there is no power or electricity to run these technologies, then a survival library will save the day for everyone. That’s why today we will discuss everything about building a survival library.

How to build your own survival library?

It’s really easy to build your own survival library. There is two way

1.Virtual survival library

2.Real life library

In emergency situations you cannot rely on technology that’s why virtual library will be useless. A real-life library is the only effective way to gather survival knowledge. We will give you the list of survival books that you must have in your library. In these books you will find enough knowledge to survive in any emergency situation.

The Book List

Here is the booklist that you must have in your survival library:

            by John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman

            by Joseph Alton and Amy Alton

            by Claude Davis 

by Beau Griffin

             by Claude Davis 

  • Extreme Wilderness Survival: Essential Knowledge to Survive Any Outdoor Situation Short-Term or Long-Term, With or Without Gear and Alone or With Others

by Craig Caudill

by Department of Defense and U. S. Arm

Street Survival Skills: Tips, Tricks and Tactics for Modern Survival

by Fernando Aguirre

by Bryce M. Towsley 

            by Cade Courtley

            by Alton MD, Joseph and Alton ARNP, Amy

             by David Toht

             by Tim MacWelch and Editors of Outdoor Life

             by Dominic Bradbury 

             by Brett L. Markham

There are so many survival books available in the market but these books are the best in business. A book can just give you the knowledge but it’s all on you in emergency situations.

For other books and resources check out The Book Shelf on this page we have listed books and reference material you may want to add to your survival library.

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Why You Need A Bug Out Bag

Bug Out Bag(BOB)

BOB or bug out bag, this amazing multipurpose survival kit has many names such as 72-hour kit, Battle box, Grab bag, go bag, GOOD bag, INCH bag (INCH stands for I’m never coming home), PERK (Personal emergency relocation kit), or Quick run bag (QRB) and many more. It’s a lifesaving tool for every emergency situation. This bag is designed to contain lots of important items so that you can survive any emergency situation for 72 hours or 3 days. Believe it or not with BOB you can survive any emergency situation. Most of the people plan their Bug Out Bag to support them for any longer than that, however, just like other things there is a point of limit to what you can carry on your back and a 3-day target is a decent spot, to begin with.

Why it is good to have BOB (bug out bag)?

We all are living a good life but we never know what will happen next. But we can prepare for any kind of situation. Disaster can happen anytime, with a proper preparation you can face it and save your loved ones. We all know that we cannot control disaster but we can overcome it, With BOB you can survive any disaster or emergency or survival situation. BOB filled with all the multi propose tools that will help you to face emergency situations whether it’s a natural disaster or emergency situations.

A good preparation is key to your survival, so you have to be prepared for everything. For good preparation, Bug Out Bag (BOB) is top one of the list for all survivalists. BOB is not just a usual surviving tool, it has so many options that simply can save your life. In those situations, every second is valuable. Having a pre-gathered BOB with the fundamentals to keep you alive for at least 3 days and this 3 day can make a difference between survival and surrendering to the danger whatever it might be. So BOB is a must for a good preparation.

Top Lifesaving gear that you must have in your Bug Out Bag

Here is the list of top and basic gear for your Bug Out Bag that will save your life at any disaster.


You cannot survive over 3 minutes without fresh air, so you must have an air filtration mask in your bag. It will make sure of your easy breathing.


A human being can only live 3 days without pure drinking water. You need at least 3 liters of water for your 3 days BOB, minimum 1 liter per day. A water filtration system is another must-have element for your BOB and don’t forget about the water bottle.


For surviving a shelter is very important for you and your elements. Make sure that your BOB contains tent and sleeping bag.


Backpack Meals and Energy Bars can be a good option for a 3 Day Bug Out Bag. Pre-cooked meals are best because you can prepare them by adding boiling water to it. They are lightweight and long-lasting. Things like fishing gear and trap can be helpful.


Clothing depends on the survival situation. Things like hand gloves, waterproof jacket, options for clothes, a headgear will help you face any kind of surviving situation.


A BOB can help you to survive in difficult times but the main thing of surviving is really on your mentality if you have the courage to survive any situation BOB will support you and will give you a chance to survive. There are lots of gear that you must have in your BOB, we will talk about them in our future post. Stay tuned for more.

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