Preppers Garden – Tip Of The Week – July 21, 2016 –

 Small Scale Preppers Garden

When you plan a preppers garden consider the following.

 Instead of regular houseplants, grow herbs and vegetables like basil, oregano, spinach, various lettuces and anything edible.

Tomatoes can be grown in pots on the patio or apartment balcony.  Got two or three old tires laying around?Potatoes can be grown in old tires.

Lay some straw down place the tire on top add some good dirt or compost until the tire is full plant your seed potatoes water and wait for them to come up. Once they have a few leaves stack another tire fill with the dirt or compost continue until you have three or four tires stacked and filled. After the plants flower and the leaves begin to fall dig in you will have new potatoes at the top with larger as you get near the bottom.

We grow corn in the same way using one tire for five stalks we line the tires three or four rows of five side by side we then fill with compost and plant five seeds per tire you will get one or two ears from each stock. We use this method for our kitchen garden.

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SHTF Diet Beginnings Day 1-3

So I told you we were going to try this to see what it would be like to live on just our preps for 30 days, we still have all the comforts of home, of course, our home is SHTF ready, solar-powered with generator back up, well water with solar pump, so we are pretty much off grid anyway.

Back to the diet this morning my wonderful wife and daughter decided to get serious about living off our stocked foods.

SHTF Diet Day One 7/16

For breakfast, we had oatmeal with honey and toast.

We keep both rolled and steel-cut oats in our stores and use them as part of our regular diet. Honey, we keep a 5-gallon bucket in the house and a couple more in the storeroom, bread is the homemade whole grain with seeds and nuts. Started out just like a normal day.

Lunch I was given a couple of strips of jerky and a bottle of water yea that isn’t normal. We make a lot of jerky when we go Elk or deer hunting once it’s dried we package it in vacuum sealed bags and store in a cool place like our root cellar.

Dinner or Supper we had a gravy made with ground venison served with rice and some home canned green beans and iced tea made from a powder mix.

I’m not doing the cooking or making up the menu so I asked about the fresh meat my daughter informed me that if the power really was out the meat and fresh foods in the refrigerator and freezer would go bad so we needed to use it first. I should have figured that out for myself.

SHTF Diet Day Two 7/17

Breakfast consisted of sausage, eggs, hash brown potatoes a biscuit  and coffee they know better than to try and keep the coffee from me besides we have tons of it stored away mostly beans and some ground sealed in mylar bags and stored in 5-gallon buckets. The sausage was meat that would go bad the potatoes dehydrated the biscuits made from scratch

For lunch, I was on my own since I was out cutting wood so I had a protein bar a handful of trail mix and water. Back home I guess the girls and Scott had leftover breakfast biscuits with honey.

Dinner was more of the same venison with mashed potatoes (instant) green beans and bread I love that bread.

SHTF Diet Day Three 7/18

We have or had a thirty day supply of foods and other supplies we set aside for this little experiment and guess what all the fresh food has gone bad except a couple of things at the very bottom of our freezer. This is only an experiment so that really isn’t true but that is how the scenario goes. So for breakfast today we got two slices of bread with peanut butter and jam and of course I got my coffee but I figure they will begin rationing that soon enough. Since my wife and daughter handle the inventory on our food stores and the kitchen I let them do the choose what and how much we get in our daily diet.

Lunch was again beef jerky and trail mix.pork SHTF Diet

Dinner was better we had canned pulled pork with rice and beans seasoned with taco seasoning. We also got to have some fresh Blackberry sauce with freeze dried ice cream actually, this stuff isn’t all that bad, tastes like dry crunchy ice cream.

I know I said we would try to give calorie counts but just can’t keep up with it, the girls told me they are trying to balance it at 1500 – 2000 calories per day. I do have weight loss figures I have lost 1.5 pounds, Scott lost .5 pounds, Terri, my wife lost .5 pounds and Kassie our daughter gained a half pound I wonder if she is cheating? I think she might have a stash of candy bars hidden somewhere.

Can You Survive on this Diet First Post

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