Yes, Gold “Just Sits There” and That’s Quite a Feat


The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Zweig famously referred to gold as a “Pet Rock” in 2015. He was blasted by people who understand that gold is no passing fad, and it serves some very important roles in an investment portfolio.

The valuable roles which gold play have been well covered here. It’s a hedge against both inflation and deflation, it represents true diversification for portfolios stuffed with conventional securities, and it is a way of protecting wealth during tumultuous times.

But Jason Zweig, Warren Buffett and other notable gold critics who complain about the metal “just sitting there” fail to understand the flaw in their basic assertion.

What they believe to be a potent argument against gold is, itself, one of its great attributes. An asset which can “just sit there” forever, largely impervious to outside political and economic forces, is extraordinary.

A gold coin or bar never degrades, is always valuable and is uniquely insulated from risk. What other asset can deliver such assurances over the next 100 years?

Not Stocks…
Warren Buffet and Jason Zweig are big proponents of stocks. However, they will have a lot of trouble choosing a company today that will still have value 100 years from now.

Most of the top publicly traded companies from a century ago are gone and forgotten.

In order to grow an equity portfolio, investors have to take on significant risk. They must actively manage which shares are held or buy an index fund. While an index seems like the safer bet, there is no certainty that that an index purchased today will still be functioning well into the next century.

Over that time scale it isn’t even clear whether the current financial system, laws, and property rights will persist uninterrupted. Meanwhile, a privately held gold coin can sit there hidden away, independent of all these risks.

Not Real Estate…
Land is tangible and its supply is limited, two important characteristics which it shares with gold. However, it is not private, portable, or liquid. Taxing authorities can, and probably will, continue taking full advantage of the fact that property owners can neither hide nor escape their purview.

Landowners who intend to hold for the next hundred years must also accept geopolitical risk. There is no telling when, or if, the nation might succumb to the forces of socialism and property rights disappear.

Investment real estate might be a winner during normal times, but, over the next ten decades, that is by no means a given.

Not Bitcoin…
Cryptocurrency offers some promise, and there are many reasons to hope it succeeds. There is nothing the world needs more than honest money, and crypto has that potential.

However, Bitcoin and other tokens should be viewed as technology start-ups. The amount of risk in picking a “coin” and holding it over the long haul is exceptionally high.
There are major hurdles for the technology to leap in terms of scaling. And there are lots of tokens competing for adoption. Some may well succeed, many, if not most, are likely to fail in just the next few years.

Picking long-term winners and losers will be very hard to do, particularly given the entire technology landscape continues to evolve.

Many proponents insist that Bitcoin is already a great store of value. That is a gross mischaracterization. There is far too much risk for that to be true. It may never be true.

Not Dollars, Not Bonds…
Gold, which “just sits there” retaining value over time, looks even more compelling if the alternative is holding cash which is guaranteed to depreciate. It looks downright irresistible compared to something like government bonds redeemable in the fiat currency of some insolvent government.

Nations such as Austria, Argentina, and Mexico have begun issuing “ultra-long” 100-year bonds. Officials at the U.S. Treasury Department are thinking about it. We doubt investors buying these instruments have any intention of sitting on them for the next hundred years.

They would have to be crazy. The only asset worth wagering on over that time scale is gold.

This week’s Market Update was authored by Money Metals Director Clint Siegner.

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Best and Lifesaving Survival Food kits of 2019

Life is very unpredictable. We don’t know what will happen next so the best thing is we can be prepared for any emergencies. Everybody ought to be set up to think about yourself and your family in the emergencies. Disaster has many names such as tornadoes, backwoods fires, seismic tremors, sea tempests, and snowstorms. Any of these may leave you without access to a nourishment source for a very long time. In light of this, I have been doing a ton of research and looking for the best and lifesaving survival food. Today, I’ll share my exploration with you and give you the best survival food list.

How to choose the best survival food?

When you are making your survival food, it can be a great way to get the most out of your garden and save a few bucks in the process. Lots of Companies make delicious survival food, but they can be expensive if you have a family to feed. Making your survival food is a decent option, particularly if you take advantage of seasonal vegetables, the backyard garden, and grocery store sales. Before we get into how you can prepare your very own Meals for survival, how about we take one moment to explain what survival food is. It sure isn’t a lot of non-perishables that you store in your storeroom! While it is certainly great practice to reserve non-perishables, these aren’t going to help you through a long-haul natural disaster like EMP, tropical storms, or any of the other likely calamities. Of course, you can live off of canned peas for an inconclusive measure of time. However, most non-perishables will turn bad rapidly after you open them, require a huge amount of water to make, and have broad cooking times. What’s more, good karma conveying canned sustenance with you on the off chance that you must bug out someplace.

A good survival food must have these:

  • Lightweight
  • Small in size
  • Have an extremely long timeframe of realistic usability
  • Have a long-time span of usability after it is opened
  • Easy to prepare
  • Require next to zero cooking time

Top Survival Food kits

Most of the survival food kit have calorie-stuffed goodness that won’t take long to plan. You may incline toward prepared to-eat proportions over stop dried suppers in case you’re stressed over water utilization. Here is the list of top survival food kit.

  1. Legacy Foods 183 SERVING MEGA SAMPLE PACK
  2. Mountain House Just in Case 14-Day Emergency Food Supply
  3. Augason Farms 5-20100 72-Hour 4-Person Emergency Food Storage Kit
  4. Millennium Energy Bars Assorted Flavors Including Emergency Guide
  5. Grizzly Gear Emergency Food Rations – 3 Day Supply
  6. SOS Food Labs SOScin1pk S.O.S. Rations Emergency 3600 Calorie Food Bar
  7. DATREX Emergency Water Pouch for Disaster or Survival, 125 ml Each
  8. Survival Tabs 8-Day 96 Tabs Emergency Food Ration
  9. Western Frontier ULTIMATE MRE Case A and Case B Bundle, 24 Meals with 2018 Inspection Date
  10. Peak Refuel | Freeze Dried Backpacking and Camping Food

These survival food kits are best in 2019 till now. We will talk about these survival food kits in details in our next article. Stay tuned to our website and stay safe.

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