Survival Gear – Wholesale Pricing Near 50 Percent Off

Would You Like to Get up to 50% Off on Survival Gear

Do you ever wish you could buy your prepping and survival gear at or near wholesale? So while searching the net for some new gear I came across this site Legendary Survival. These guys began their journey as a Mutual Assistance Group (MAG) they had the same idea buy wholesale. So to make a long story short cultivated relationships with suppliers and today have turned it into a business. The MAG is still in operation and they are pretty picky about who they let join. But you don’t have to be a member of the MAG to get gear at next to wholesale prices when you join their Buyers Club.

Some Things I Noticed

When I contacted them to find out more about their group and how the wholesale program works they offered me a one day pass into the hidden wholesale pages on the web site so I could check things out for myself. The first thing I noticed is that the wholesale pages are exactly the same as the retail pages only at lower prices. Second I found not all products are listed at wholesale I’ll explain this later in the post. This is not a fancy site not a lot of glitter and glamor like you see from other online retailers.

So why is not everything listed at wholesale? I asked them that question and I got an honest answer “we just can’t afford it” the margins are too small on some products that there is no room for wholesale after you figure in the cost of the item, shipping, and handling, credit card fees, etc. I can understand they are probably only getting pennies for every dollar. However, when you become a member of the buyers club if you see an item you would like not at the wholesale price contact them they are willing to work with you to get you the best price.

How The Buyers Club Works

There is a fee to join this is to cover costs of operations and keep curiosity seekers at bay. There are to types of memberships Gold Annual and Silver Half Year. There is an $8.75 flat rate shipping fee. However, I found that many of the products have FREE shipping or if your total order is $50 or more you get free shipping. Don’t think you can purchase a free shipping item and pair it with an item that requires a flat-rate fee you still have to pay the $8.75 unless your total order is $50 or more. The membership fee of $39.99 Annual is only $3.33 a month you can save that on your first purchase. After taking the tour I decided to sign up I have already saved more than my annual fee.

As a member you also get I took this from the web site

  • Prices at up to 50% off retail on survival gear and other products
  • Special Sneek Peeks at New Survival Gear Product Offers
  • Private Survival Gear Wholesale Page
  • Monthly Drawings for FREE Survival gear products

Want More Information or Ready to Join?

If you want to get survival gear at some great prices this is the place to look. For more information email them by clicking here go to the website

Survival Gear Buyers Club Buyers Club Survival Gear

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