Economic Collapse – Prepare Yourself

Precious Metals For Preppers, Economic Collapse

Are You Ready For The Coming Economic Collapse?

If you are worried about an economic collapse your not alone. I have been concerned about the possibility for years my plan was simple find something of value besides cash. Precious metals was at the top of my list so I began to purchase Silver, including junk silver, Gold, and even Copper.

I cashed out a large portion of a 401k and turned it into Silver and Gold coins, bars, and rounds. I then purchased a large quantity of ammunition not only for my weapons also for common calibers I don’t own. The reason for this was that at some time I would either obtain such a weapon or someone would be willing to trade ammunition for something I need.

Below are the top items on my Economic Collapse survival list.

Precious Metals

What are the Precious Metals?
Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are considered to be precious metals because they are rare. Their rarity makes them expensive and difficult to mine and valuable to industries and investors alike. Industries often use silver, platinum, and palladium as key components within appliances, electronics, and car parts. Precious metals – particularly gold and silver – have been chosen by the free market for thousands of years to serve as money. And investors hold physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium as an alternative asset and to protect against inflation and financial turmoil. Owning precious metals can also be a way to diversify an investment portfolio because it is a non-correlated asset to most other assets.

Silver and Gold coins are only produced by government mints. The US Mint produces and sells over 40 million 1 ounce American Silver Eagle coins each year
making it the most popular coin in the world. The 1 once Gold Eagle is just as popular. Silver and Gold coins are legal tender.

I personally only purchase coins minted in US or Canadian Mints mainly because they are more regognised here than coins from other countries.

Silver and Gold Rounds are not the same as coins they are produced by private mints and are not considered legal tender. We purchase our Silver rounds in sizes ranging from 1/10th oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, and 1oz. You can purchase Gold coins and rounds in fractional sizes also.

Gold Bars can be purchased from 1 gram up to 10 oz. bar, Silver bars from 1oz. up to 1000 ounces or more.

Junk Silver are pre 1965 silver coins most are 90% silver

We purchase all of our precious metals from Money Metals Exchange
They have great customer service and ship your product fast.

Other Items you may want to consider for an Economic Collapse.

Ammunition will be worth its weight in gold after any disaster economic collapse or otherwise.

Food is another item that will be valuable stock up on freeze dried, and canned foods just make sure you have back up when heading out to barter or trade it. Always be double sure you are not followed home or to your storage location after a trading trip.

Feminine products yes those feminine products

Seeds fruit and vegetable seeds will be great trade items

Medicine both over the counter and prescription

Alcolhol and tobacco

This list is not all inclusive these are just some of the things we have put up as trade items if and when an economic collapse occurs. Use the comments section below to add sugestions for others.

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