Planning Pays Off

planning pays off

Planning Pays Off

In this post, we will explain how and why planning pays off.

In early January our area got hit with a massive dumping of snow we were totally isolated for about 10 days until we could dig out. Luckily for us, we were prepared.  We have prepared for just about any type of emergency this is one time we are glad we did. Yes, that is our house in the photo can you imagine what it would have been like if we hadn’t been prepared? Our driveway is over a mile long we had to walk out if we were going anywhere. One of the neighbors finally got the drive open using his D5 dozer.

Food, Water, and Power

The satellite and solar panels were buried lucky for us the wind generator and our backup propane generator was working. We have approximately a 2 year supply of food storage and water is stored in two 500 gallon storage tanks. Also, we have run off storage I think those tanks will be full when this stuff begins melting.

We are still pretty deep but thanks to our little community of friends, family and our own planning we have survived the worst winter we have had in the 24 years we have lived up here we are warm and comfortable. Now if summer would just get here.

The first thing I tell anyone who asks how to prepare is to have a plan. Planning pays off when the SHTF or you just caught in a snowstorm.

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