Precious Metals For Preppers 101

Precious Metals For PreppersPrecious Metals For Preppers

Gold, Silver, and other Precious Metals . I have heard that during an SHTF scenario cash will be king. Well in my humble opinion, toilet paper will be more valuable than cash. Yes, you read that right toilet paper along with tobacco and alcohol will have more value than cash.

But this post isn’t about cash or toilet paper although I would suggest you keep a good supply on hand. This post is about Precious Metals like Gold, Silver and other valuable metals.

I,m not going to try and sell you on precious metals just give you an idea of what’s available. These are what I have in my inventory. I’ll give you a bonus at the end.


Of all the precious metals Gold is probably the best-known. The first use of gold as money occurred around 700 B.C. when Lydian merchants produced the first coins. I’m not entirely sure how accurate that is. You can read the history here   A Brief History of Gold

So gold will be a valuable metal to have when SHTF. How much do you need? That’s a matter of personal choice. With the price of gold today unless you have deep pockets you probably won’t be buying much. However, if you like to camp and feel adventurous you can hunt it yourself.

Is Gold a good precious metals investment for SHTF my opinion Yes if you can afford it you will want some gold in your portfolio.

A Precious Metals Investment You Can Afford Silver

Gold is the most well known and valuable of the  precious metals but silver is more affordable and in an SHTF precious metalsscenario you will find it much easier to trade with. You will get them as junk silver, coins, rounds, bars, even a silver bullet.

Silver, in my opinion, is probably the best of all precious metal investments and just about anyone can afford to buy it at current prices.

Other Precious Metals to Consider


Platinum is revered both for its beauty and for its industrial properties. It represents a speculative investment, but platinum’s unique supply and demand fundamentals have the potential to drive some spectacular returns.

You can get Platinum in both coin and bars but like gold, it is expensive to buy but an excellent investment


Palladium offers some of the same compelling supply/demand fundamentals and amazing industrial properties as platinum, but at a far lower price!


Rhodium is among the world’s rarest and most valuable precious metals. It, like other platinum group metals, offers extraordinary corrosion resistance – even against the most aggressive chemicals.


Copper bullion is in increasing demand by precious metals investors preparing for a precipitous decline in the dollar.

The metal is already indispensable to industry – with applications in a dizzying range of manufactured goods. It has often been used as money throughout history. These characteristics make copper ideal for barter and trade.

Copper bullion comes in denominations as small as 1 oz and is always clearly stamped with its weight and purity – features you won’t find with scrap copper or industrial bars.

Precious Stones


These are a little out of my price range but I thought you might want to have a look Tradable Certified Diamonds for Investment

So here comes the bonus I mentioned in the beginning.

  • Toilet Paper – This item will be worth it to keep on hand for both personal comforts and as a barter item.
  • Tobacco – Even if you don’t use tobacco keep some around to barter with after SHTF it will be a valuable commodity.
  • Alcohol –  You can use this for barter or use for medicinal purposes or antiseptic in an emergency.
  • Ammunition – Have ammo you don’t have a weapon for? Package it up and use it to barter or trade for things you need.
  • Soap – Another one of those items you want to keep for your own personal comfort and trade.

Alright so these aren’t precious metals you will need them for survival in a post SHTF world.

There are probably hundreds of items you can use to trade or barter with use your imagination. Buy some precious metals and be ready when the world as we know it ceases to exist.

Look for our post on bartering in a future post.
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