Prepping For Disasters- A Food Guide

Prepping For Disasters- A Food Guide For Emergency Situations

Prepping for Disasters Infographic

No one thinks that they will be caught up in a natural disaster or some other emergency, but it can happen to anyone. If the situation arises, will you be prepared? With Wise Food Storage’s new infographic, you will learn how to store food for emergency situations.  What foods are easily preserved? Find out what equipment you will need to store and cook this food properly? Plan ahead with this food guide and be prepared for anything that comes your way.

Use The Links Following the Infographic for Additional Guides and Information on Prepping for Disasters

Prepping for Disasters Infographic

This infographic is a good start but you will need to get more information. However, there is much more information that you will want and need when preparing for a disaster. Use these guides in addition to the information above. Prepare NOW for what may come later.

FEMA –  Food and Water in an  Emergency

CDC – Preparing for a Disaster or Emergency – Planning for an Emergency Drinking Water Supply

University of Idaho – Your Emergency Food and Water Supply



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