Disaster Game Plan – So….what is it?


Disaster Game Plan – So….what is it?

Picture this: a natural disaster hits your area – tornado, hurricane, earthquake…etc. whatever it may be. You were at work and are now temporarily separated from your family and friends. The disaster so inconveniently knocked out cell phone towers and now you have no communication with them either. You immediately commence on your plans for such a SHTF scenario. You have your get-home bag that Prep On A Dime suggested in your vehicle. You pull everything out to do a quick inventory. It’s called a ‘get-home’ bag but your plans aren’t to get home. They are to get to the family cabin which is a little ways beyond the affected area.

You use your car for as long as you can, but eventually the roads become impassable from the location you were traveling from. You go on foot from there. Catch rides with local authorities – good samaritans and so on until you get close enough that you decide to hike the rest of the way. Your water is in short supply but the good samaritans along the way have helped you out just enough to get you there.

You know that from tidbits of news on your journey that your home was definitely in the disaster area but roads were passable enough that your family should have long beaten you to the family cabin. They’ll be worried for sure. There will be joy and excitement and tears upon your arrival.

You reach the cabin and immediately notice there is no vehicle in the drive. Everything on the outside appears as it was left from a few months back when you were up to visit. There must be note, you think. You go inside and find more of the same – just as it was months ago. How could they not be here yet? They should have been here for days. How is no one from the family here? Mom and Dad? My sister and her family? They all know this is the place to ride out the recovery. There is food and supplies and well water.

As you begin to think through all of the possibilities it dawns on you. It hits you like an apple falling out of a tree and straight onto your head. You had these plans for years. You were the one that stocked up the cabin. You were the one that packed your get-home bag. You packed your wife’s get-home bag. Did you ever tell them the plans. You made several different plans depending on the results on disasters hitting the area. What were you thinking all of those years with those plans in your head? The phones would always work no matter what? So, clearly they don’t know the plans. Your plans. What were their plans?

Coordination is the name of the game plan today. What good are all those plans that you or your loved ones are making if only one person knows them? As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, Colorado sees some natural disasters such as fires and floods that will most definitely separate loved ones from each other for unknown time periods. As these disasters have happened I’ve discussed with friends what they would do if the flood happened closer to home. Inevitably, there are a million ways to skin a cat (Hey! I like cats – clearly whoever came up with that was speaking of the nasty mountain lion that tried to eat his family). What I would have done had that flood separated me from my family was completely different from what a friend would do.

Is the plan you would come up what your spouse would come up with? Even if you think it would be, would every step along the way be the same? Whatever the different plans may be, coordination is key. Make sure everyone involved in your plan is aware and aware of the steps along the way. Make sure you are aware of their plans. That get-home bag your packed for a family member? Make sure they know of its existence and what is in it and where it’s kept. You’d be kicking yourself if you found out later that they had to abandon the car and left behind a bag full of food and supplies that could have made all the difference in their journey.

Don’t be left alone during a disaster situation full of questions of what happened and what to do next.

Brian Delaney is the author of the dystopian fiction novel, ‘From Within’. The novel was one of Amazon’s Hot New Release Top 100 Best-Seller list in the Dystopian genre upon release. You can find it at www.amazon.com/author/briandelaney Stay connected with Brian on Facebook at www.facebook.com/authorbriandelaney and on Twitter: @authorBDelaney


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