4 Essential Survival Necessities

4 Essential Survival Necessities

4 Essential Survival Necessities

Almost everyone who writes about survival or prepping has written about the bug out bag. But what about the 4 Essential Survival Necessities I’m talking about the rule of 3 here guys. You all know about the rule of 3 right? You can survive 3 minutes without Air, 3 hours without Shelter, 3 days without Water, and 3 weeks without Food.

So the 4 Essential Survival Nessececties would be Air, Shelter, Water, and Food. You have already built your bug out bag or at least have it started to make sure you include these 4 Essential Survival Necessities in that bag.

Let’s start from the top of the list.

4 Essential Survival Necessities


Air can be withheld for a number of reasons drowning, toxic gas, dust storms, smoke. I have never drowned although I have had to give CPR to drowning victims. I remember one I was still in med school and spending the day at the lake with some friends. When a woman began yelling that her young son had gone under and didn’t come up everyone began diving. After a few minutes someone brought him to the surface there were no O2 tanks and thanks to our medical training my friends and I were able to revive the boy.

How to treat for drowning

I’m not going to get into terms like hypoxemia and acidosis. If you encounter a drowning victim the most important thing you will do is get them breathing.
1. Get Help. Notify a lifeguard, if one is close. This will probably not happen in survival situations.
2.Move the Person. Take the person out of the water.
3. Check for Breathing. Place your ear next to the person’s mouth and nose.
4. If the Person is Not Breathing, Check Pulse.
5. If There is No Pulse, Start CPR.
6. Repeat if Person Is Still Not Breathing.

So what happens if it’s a toxic gas spill or a fire or both? You will need to move away from the area as quickly as possible. What if you can’t get out fast enough? Try using a wet towel, handkerchief or other wet cloth over your nose and mouth to help filter the gas or smoke you can do the same in dust storms.4 Essential Survival Necessities
If you did your homework you probably have at least an N95 dust mask in your bag personal I keep one the fire masks in my pack.


At the minimum, you will have to have a large contractors trash bag this will help you to at least stay dry in a downpour. Here is what I keep in my bag for shelter in addition to the trash bag. You will want to have at least one of these items with you a poncho, tarp, tube tent, emergency survival blanket I also have a fleece blanket they are lightweight and will keep you warm even when wet. In the truck, I also keep a backpackers tent and sleeping bag.

Make sure you have extra dry clothing including underwear and socks. Have at a minimum of 3 types of fire starter lighters, waterproof matches, flint or magnesium strikers.


Of the , I believe shelter and water are the two most important. The chances of running out of air although possible are slim and food can usually be found within the three week period of time. Water on the other hand maybe found but is it good to drink? You will need three liters of water per person per day.

Distilled water would be the cleanest and safest but takes time and that you may not have. Boiling would be my next choice but again you will probably not have the time unless you are staying put for a few days. So here are my suggestions keep 3 liters of water in your bag I use collapsible water bottles so as they are used they don’t take up much room in my pack. Also, you will need a portable water filter and a way to treat water either purification tablets or bleach I carry the tablets because it’s just easier.


As for food my opinion is canned good take to much room and are heavy although I do carry a couple cans of tuna my bug out bag is only designed to last me three days and as I pointed out above if you know how you can find food. So here is what I carry.

4 Essential Survival Necessities

2- 3600 calorie food bar: These food bars have a great shortbread cookie flavor. They have a 5-year shelf life and are approved by the U.S. Coast Guard. Each package contains 9 individually wrapped bars containing 400 calories each — this prevents the loss of food by not having to break pieces off.

2- Cans of tuna, however, I am considering switching to the tuna pouches saves weight and space in the pack.

2- Millennium Food Bars Cherry Flavor: These food bars maximize the physiological efficiency of water usage by including low sodium levels. They also include a sufficient amount of carbohydrates and calories to prevent dehydration. This lightweight emergency bar is perfect for traveling, camping, hiking, and disaster preparedness kits. Millennium Food Bars have a 5-year shelf life and each bar contains 400 calories. 4 Essential Survival Necessities


3- Pouches of Freeze Dried long Term Storage food I like the Wise Chili Mac

Those are the 4 Essential Survival Necessities  you will need there are others but they are all covered in the Bug Out Bag posts found everywhere on the internet.

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