Survival Shelter For Your Bug Out Bag

Types of Survival Shelter

Survival Shelters can be anything from a downed tree to a fancy cabin in the woods. Here we will explore the different types of survival shelter you would use in a survival situation. In addition to your survival shelter, you will need a way to build a fire for warmth and cooking.

So due to circumstances beyond your control  you get caught outside in the wilderness you are going to need shelter. You will build a shelter from what you have on hand. A tarp and rope or cord, make an A-Frame from poles from downed trees and limbs.

Carry the following items in your pack or bag at all time when out in the wilderness! Carry a tarp or backpack tent, 50 to 100 feet of paracord. In addition to the tarp, you want to carry a knife, fire starter and a sleeping bag of some type.

While we would prefer a tent and a warm sleeping bag, and ground pad that doesn’t always fit the situation.

Building Survival Shelter

The most important thing you need to remember is if your cold and wet you need shelter immediately. Start looking for a place to build your shelter before you need it.

To build an easy shelter using just your tarp tie your rope or paracord between two trees then drape the tarp over the basic skills preppers need. Survival shelterline. Do the same thing by lashing a pole between the trees or just one tree and stretching your tarp over it while pulling it tight to the ground.  Lay poles over a log and stretch your tarp over it pulling it tight while this is not the best it works.

Look at the suggested list below and see what will work for you.

Survival Shelters

Tarp with rope or paracord

Backpack tent

Sleeping bags and Bivvy Sacks

Fire starters

Also look at these companies for all your survival needs

Forge Survival Supply

Survival Frog LLC

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