Survival Food Bars Make At Home

How To Make Survival Food Bars

Back when we first moved to these mountains my husband would spend hours sometimes days exploring the area. I started making food bars for him to carry with him for lunch, no cooking required just open and eat. These Survival food bars are nutritious, high in calories and taste great.

Here’s what you need to make this survival food bar.

Oats 2 cups regular or quick oats

powdered milk 2 1/2 cups

Sugar 1 Cup

Jello 3 oz package 1 box (my husband like lemon but any flavor works)

Water 3 Tablespoons

Honey 3 Tablespoons

Mix the oats, powdered milk, and sugar together.

In a medium  saucepan, mix the jello mix, water, and honey. Do not add extra water at this point.

Bring to boil.

Add jello mixture to your dry ingredients and mix well.

Check the consistency and add water, if needed. 1 Tbsp at a time until dough is crumbly but sticks together.

Press dough into 9×13 pan I line mine with parchment paper. Use a knife to cut that number of bars (make sure they are evenly cut).

Bake for 1 1/2 to 2 hours in an oven set at 200 degrees.

Remove from pan and let cool bars should be dry not moist.

I package bars in vacuum sealed bags.

Variations for Survival Food Bars

My husband likes for me to add some other ingredients he says it give them crunch and extra protein.

Add nuts and seeds I add about 1/8 cup of sunflower seeds to my mix also roasted chopped hazelnuts. In addition, you can add dried fruit and raisins. You can also add cocoa powder instead of the jello to make a chocolate food bar. I have also added instant coffee with the cocoa powder just experiment and see what you like.

If your not into making your own try these 3600 CALORIE FOOD BAR beans, rice and food bars, Survival Food Bars





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