Improvised Weapons For SHTF

   Improvised Weapons You Can Make At Home

So you have all the weapons and ammunition you need already be stockpiled in your basement or bug out location. What happens when the ammo runs out or you need perimeter security? We have been experimenting and researching improvised weapons for a while now and have found some interesting ideas.

Weapons You May Not Have Thought Of

Fire extinguishers.

Blast someone with a fire extinguisher and you can buy yourself some time and the element of surprise. While they are trying to get that crap out of their eyes and mouth you attack or escape.

Hornet Spray.

Spray an attacker with hornet spray and you will definitely have the upper hand. Hornet spray will spray 20 to 25 feet and blind and even kill an attacker. Buy a couple of cans and practice with one can. As a result, you will be able to judge distance and accuracy.


The common everyday pen is another weapon you probably wouldn’t think of. While this makes a good weapon you have to get close enough to use it. How to use a pen as a weapon video.

Do a google search with the words improvised weapons, as a result, you will find hundreds of items you can use.

Unconventional Improvised Weapons

Look at the videos and instructions listed below to learn more about unconventional and improvised weapons.

Improvised Weapons

Stun Grenade

How to make a mini cannon

Stun Grenade 


Landmine Video

Homemade Crossbow Video 


Use your imagination here these can be utilized as weapons or early warning devices.

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