About Our Community and Why We Are Here

About Our Community

I received an email this morning asking about our community.

The email simply said: I am curious about the Preponadime community. Is it  physical or online only? How do I join involve myself?

To answer simply: The Preponadime community is both. The website began with a group of people who share certain values and skills and live in the Pacific Northwest. Members who live in the community value privacy and the privacy of online members. Anyone joining the online community can be sure that the information they provide is safe. Private information such as names and email addresses will not be available to third parties. See our privacy policy.  

The physical group is not open except to those already living here or family members of those members.

The online community is open to all and we encourage participation.  The group wants your input and feedback for improving the site.

Most of all we want you to participate by asking questions so that we can find  relevant topics to post. Also, submit your own topics for inclusion in the blog posts. In addition, we encourage you to share your knowledge with others . Because every person has different ideas and preps for different reasons it is important that we share information.

We also have advertising and affiliate programs generate income to maintain and pay for hosting expenses. Please support these programs.

Why We Are Here

Our home and the small group were started by two friends who then invited other friends and neighbors to join them. Preparing for anything from a natural disaster we have had our share of blizzards and forest fires to civil unrest and global collapse.

community garden

Community Garden

We also grow our own gardens, raise meat pork, beef, and lamb, rabbits, chickens for meat and eggs.

Most are Military veterans who have served from Viet Nam To Afganistan to Iraq.

The online community was the idea of one of our founders and his daughter. So that we could share information and ideas with others. So to join all you need to do is sign up using the subscribe area on the right.


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