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From Within

Brian Delaney’s new book From Within  was recently released on Amazon.  An Amazon Hot New Release Top 100 Best-Seller for dystopian genre.

From Within


In 2036, America’s favorite newsman, Marcus Braden, starts to become realistic with the American people about the never-ending poor state of the American economy. Marcus’s bosses aren’t pleased with his decision. Eventually, his warnings come to fruition. A government-created corporation, the Central Management Authority, takes over every major industry, including the Worldwide News Link, Marcus’s employer. He is quickly recruited to join the opposition against the hijacking of the country. The country immediately spirals out of control into a violent, riotous firestorm. Financial markets crash to rock-bottom.

Will Richards is a young man living in a small town in the mountains of California. He’s a bit of a prepper and outdoorsman. When the world is turned upside down, Will, his mother, his girlfriend, and her family join together and aim to survive off the land. Will now has to navigate this new life and come to terms with what’s required to survive. Will’s world takes an even greater chaotic turn when well-known newscaster Marcus Braden enters his life. They must now join together in a race against the clock that will either end in America’s survival or demise.

My Take On From Within

I finished this book this morning about the halfway point I realised this may be closer to the truth than fiction.  First of all, I can see a correlation between events of today and events in the book. I also find a strong sense of family values and patriotism.

I found it to be an excellent  book, well written, well researched and thought out. Full of action, suspense and intrigue.

About Brian Delaney

Brian makes his home in Colorado with his wife and two children. He is a bright, energetic young writer with a great future as a writer ahead. Brian recently wrote a guest blog post for us here at Prep On A Dime.

Prepping: Thoughts for Beginners and Skeptics

We hope to have more of Brian both here and in his books
Stay connected with Brian on Facebook at and onTwitter:@authorBDelaney

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