It’s Preparedness Month Look at These Great Deals

September is Preparedness Month

It’s preparedness month and we have found some great deals on survival items for you. Check out at the items below prices are better than ever.

The Tesla USB Double Arc Electric Lighter

Meet Your New Favorite Fire Starter: The Double Arc Lighter

You can now start a fire with the press of a button thanks to this incredible Tesla lighter. The super powerful lighter creates two electric arcs that easily act as a fire starter when touched to anything remotely flammable. Plus, this USB lighter is rechargeable, allowing you to enjoy a full week (300 sparks) of use before plugging it in again. Ideal for bugging out and outdoor cooking, this rechargeable lighter will top your list of favorite fire starters as soon as you press the button.  Order your Tesla Lighter here

preparedness month deals

Retail price: $99.94

Sale price: $49.97

You Save: $ 49.97


Cook And Eat Smoke-Free With This All-In-1 Pocket Stove

Survival Frog’s Pocket Stove is a must-have for any prepper or camper looking to boil water and cook their survival food in a clean, smoke-free environment. This is possible thanks to the survival stove’s ingenious fuel tablets, which keep your food hot and your lungs clear without any smoky fumes. Plus, this self-contained stove folds up compactly and stores its fuel inside itself, making for quick clean up and efficient storage. This compact stove is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand (or your pocket), and is an ideal addition to any camping gear or bug out bag.  Get yours NowPocketStove_600x600_d_grande_36497cf2-7fab-4c98-ae13-8bf22c5c9c63_medium

Retail price: $24.99

Sale Price: $14.97

You save: $10.02

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