Pancake Breakfast of Survivalists – SHTF Diet – Day 14

Pancake Breakfast

Day 14  I made pancakes for dinner last night  so I had a leftover pancake breakfast this morning. After Breakfast I started on the way home hopefully no flats and no downed trees to clear.

I made it home in about 3 hours, I didn’t even ask what they had for dinner the night before. We had some fence to repair before lunch Scott and I worked on that while the girls prepared lunch.

Lunch was homemade tortillas with some canned meat and beans to make burritos or soft shell tacos pretty good actually. Scott is a newcomer to our place although I have known his dad  over 40 years 43 to be exact. Kassie and Scott grew up together but didn’t begin dating until, after high school, he’s the future son in law.


So Scott how about we work on the tunnels? The look on his face was priceless. Keep in mind we been working on this place since 1994 so there are security features most people wouldn’t consider.

Scott not knowing  about the tunnels surprised me.  His dad helped build them and Kassie has been running around in them for years. There is a tunnel  run under our driveway all 470 yards the entrance or exit is under an old stump. We worked on an extension branch to the new communication bunker until dinner. We’ll tell you more about tunnels and the comm room in a later post.

Dinner Was A Surprise Too

Pancake Breakfast

Dinner tonight consisted of Pork out of the can,  instant mashed potatoes, rehydrated corn, gravy and home baked bread looks good don’t it. Better than the pancake breakfast.

After two weeks of this diet. I have lost 9 pounds, Scott lost 6, Kassie 4.5 and my wife has lost 6.

All total we have lost 25.5 pounds over 14 days. At this rate, I could lose 20 pounds at the end


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