Whats Your Survival Plan Part 2

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So did we confuse you with all the mumbo jumbo in part one? Your not the only one heck I got confused writing that the point is you’ll be even more confused, stressed and bewildered if when SHTF.

I can’t give you a plan for you because I don’t know your situation but I can give you the basics.

First thing you need to decide if your going to hunker down in your home or get out of Dodge.

Hunker Down Plan

I do not recommend this plan for anyone who lives in or near a large city we live 22 miles from the nearest town and I consider that to close.

1.Build your food reserves I’m not talking about going out and paying a fortune for MRE meals ready to eat ” yes I do have a few cases of these ” and you can add them later, for now you just want the basics. Sit down and figure out what your family eats every day canned goods including meats, fish, vegetables, and fruit buy a couple of extra cans during each shopping trip. Rice and beans if properly packaged can last for years, you can make a meal of those two ingredients loaded with protein, pasta is another good addition loaded with carbs, don’t forget the staples flour, sugar, salt you get the idea, don’t just put it in the pantry or hide it in your basement use it and replace what you use this keeps your stores fresh and gets the family acclimated to it.

2. Water I can’t stress enough how important water will be to your plan. Water for drinking, cooking, bathing. How much water do you need? I’ve heard many different views some say one gallon per day per person another says divide your body weight in half. That’s how many ounces of water you need to drink per day. 128 ounces to a gallon you do the math for your family personally I store as much water as we can.

3. Security you have the food and water someone is going to want it. The best security is make yourself invisible. How? First make your property look as if it has already been looted scatter debris around the yard maintain noise and light discipline. Make it inconvenient to come on your property fences help but not if someone really wants to get what you have. I could write a book on this subject fut fortunately someone already has get it read it. Prepper’s Home Defense   

Firearms the above mentioned book goes into this so all I’ll say here is if you don’t own a gun buy one and get some training on how to use it including safety, cleaning, and did I mention safety.

There is only so much you can do will you ever be totally ready probably not we been doing this for years and keep finding  things that we should have done or need be doing. Read the books on our book list and visit the prepper and survivalist forums found on our links page ask questions. You can contact us if you want we don’t have all the answers but we probably know where to look for it.

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