Tip Of The Week – July 6, 2016

 Build Your Survival Stockpile Slowly

What does it mean to build slowly? Simple, Don’t throw thousands of dollars of prepping gear on your credit cards.  Don’t do this . Financial trouble is not what you need to be a prepper as matter of fact you should be getting your self out of debt not adding to it. You’ll survive just fine on $100 a month prepping as you will spending $10,000 to buy a years worth of survival food and other survivalist supplies.

Build slowly start with a 3 day supply of food and water then you can work on 7 days 30 days and a year don’t try to do it all at once just add a little at a time.

And you don’t have to run out and buy that $1200 AR either I got along just fine with my Ruger Mini 14 until I was able to save enough to buy my AR I didn’t pay $1200 for it either and I still have the Ruger.

Start small and get the little things Mike shops for quite a lot of his prepping items at the Dollar Store I think most of the first aid supplies came from the Dollar Store.

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