Bugging Out

Bugging Out Is Hard To Do!

Bugging out is not always the best option and sometimes it is the only option. Once you make the decision to go don’t wait around get out early preferably in the first few hours after SHTF!!

Before anyone realises what is happening you can be safely away in your bug out location. Hopefully you already have a bug out location. Unless you’re the ultimate survivalist you may want to consider hunkering down in your home or with friends or family.

If you haven’t found that perfect bug out location here are some tips to find it.

Can you get to the location safely less than a few hours?

Is there water on the land or near by?

How far is it from the largest populated city?

How easy is it to conceal your  cabin, tent, RV or whatever your planning to use for shelter ?

Is it self sustainable can you live of the land, grow a garden, raise animals ?

We’ll get into finding the ideal location another time for now we’ll assume you have a location and have made the decision to make a run for it.

First Things First

OK we’re assuming you have a bug out location BOL you have been working on it and have stocked it with  necessary needs food, water, ammunition, first aid you know the basic stuff a prepper would do.

Your bug out vehicle BOV is loaded and ready to go STOP!! Double check your check list you don’t want to get 50 miles up the road and find you forgot some essential piece of equipment because you had it buried in the backyard and in the rush and confusion forgot about it. First Lesson Keep Calm and double-check your check list.

Keep the BOV with a full tank at all time and use stabilizers don’t let your fuel get stale run it down once in a while to keep fresh fuel in the tank. Maintain the vehicle proper maintenance is important and make sure you have spare parts hoses, belts, plug wires you don’t want to be stranded because of a broken belt.

Grab and Go

It is entirely posiable you may not have time to load up the BOV natural disasters can happen without warning, fires, flash floods, tornadoes and earth quakes can all strike without warning you may only have enough time to load the family and go. Have a bug out bag for each member of the family and even the pets if your taking them with you, we’ll get into bug out bags in another post. For now be prepared to Grab and Go.

You Made It

Well you made it safely to your BOL because you were prepared and got out before anyone knew what was happening. Are you totally safe? You are never totally safe, you need to be on guard at all times, it may take a while but at some point someone will stumble upon you.

One of the things that Mike is always trying to improve on is security at the homestead, something he has always said is   “see them before they know your there”  I know there are cameras near the gate you don’t see them but they are there, motion sensors in places you would never expect I don’t believe a mouse could cross that property without setting off an alarm.

Your first line of defense is your perimeter our property has a gate at the entrance to the driveway with 4 foot field fence topped with 2 foot barbed wire around the property it is then cross fenced with field fence since these are mostly open fields we can see if anyone is approaching. Dad does have cameras closer to the house and sensors along the driveway in a SHTF type situation there would be additional security measures put into place. At Mike’s place things are much different and I won’t get into them because they are simple and complicated at the same time.

Now What

You have your security in place now it’s time to get down to living don’t just exist this is where you are going to be living until hopefully things get back to normal or as normal as can be expected.

Your shelter should have already been built, if you were serious about surviving here you have stocked it with food and have a water source. You have purchased seeds for your garden and depending the time of year have your garden growing or preparing the soil so you can start in the spring. A great source for Heirloom Seed is  My Patriot Supply , we get the Survival Seed Vault and a few individual seed packets of our favorites.

Still A Lot of Work Ahead

You still have a lot of work ahead of you depending on the type of SHTF you are dealing with you could be in your BOL for a few weeks or years it won’t be easy.If you have been preparing  for and developing the skills necessary for your survival you will most likely weather the storm.

  “See Them Before They Know Your There” 

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