The Lost Ways – A Book Review

 The Lost Ways

The Lost Ways

When I first ordered The Lost Ways book I wasn’t sure what I could learn from it. I was raised on a Montana cattle ranch by grandparents who still did things the old school way. So to be honest I was a little skeptical. However, I felt it was something I needed to read if I was going to put a link on our site.

The Lost Ways Arrives

The book arrived on a Monday this was a busy time here on the homestead we were expecting the first real snow of the winter to hit this week so we were busy preparing for it. When the snow arrived we were ready for a break. Firewood has been cut and stacked, repairs made to the chicken coop and the goat shed.  There is constant work to be done on a homestead but it isn’t until the weather threatens that you realize how much you still have to get done.

Back to the book. So it was Friday evening when I set down to browse The Lost Ways. You can check the table of contents and pick out the things you are most interested in. I began this way but later read the entire book cover to cover.

Much of the material I had learned growing up but had forgotten over the years. Memories of my childhood flooded back my grandmother’s kitchen, making and learning to use snowshoes with my grandfather. What good times those were. We use many of the suggestions in The Lost Ways book on the homestead today. I wish I had this book 20 years ago when we started building our off-grid life would have saved a lot of time and resources. You will find everything from cooking with cast iron to making snowshoes and water wheels. You will learn about tanning hides and, beer making. How to build a smokehouse to navigating using the stars and so much more

How would I rate The Lost Ways

On a scale of 1 to 10, it is an 11. This book belongs in any homesteaders or preppers library. If you are new to homesteading or prepping this book is invaluable. For the experienced, you may learn something new I did.

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The Lost WaysThe Lost Ways 2







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