Preponadime- A New Direction has been acquired by The Legendary Survival Group and as a result, we will be taking it in a new direction.

The staff and members of the Legendary Survival Group will be evaluating and reviewing products we believe will be valuable to our readers in an SHTF situation. We will review the product or book give you links to where you can get more information or purchase the product.

Although we may receive a commission if you purchase a product we review we do not accept free products or payment to review a product or book. We purchase each item in that way we do not feel obligated to a seller and can give an honest evaluation.

In addition, we will provide how-to articles for our subscribers and a personal ads section on our site so that our readers may connect with like-minded and buy, sell, barter or trade items of interest. These ads will be free of charge and some restrictions will apply. We will have other benefits for our subscribing members coming in the future.

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Do you have a survival plan? Start Planning NOW!

Build Your Plan!

Our ancestors knew the value of true survival knowledge.
They had strength, adaptability, and understood the importance of preparing for threats that modern man has long forgotten. 
We are beginning to see how easily fractured the veneer of the modern world is. Political instability, natural disasters, violence, and terror are increasing at rates we have never seen before.
It’s only a matter of time before you and your family are affected. Ask yourself, are you prepared for anything? 
You need to be! 
Planning and preparing for the threats you’re at risk of in your unique location is the key action you can take to maximize your survival.

If you are concerned about a disaster happening Natural or Man-Made you need to check out Survival Builder and Alive After Crisis NOW!

Alive After Crisis

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