Grandmas Home Style Chicken Vegetable Soup Recipe

 Chicken Vegetable Soup

Grandmas Chicken Vegetable Soup

I can still remember my grandmother’s kitchen the wonderful smells and the fantastic meals. One of my favorites was and still is Chicken Vegetable Soup I can recall the soup simmering in a cast iron pot. I have made this recipe at home for my family many times and although not as good as grandmas it’s a close second.

Grandma used home canned vegetables so 1 pint is equal to 16-ounce cans from the grocery.

Submitted by Terri

Here is what you will need:

1 stewing hen or whole chicken
3 large carrots diced
2 stalks celery, diced
1 medium onion diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
1-pint peas
1-pint whole kernel corn
In a large stock pot add chicken and garlic and water to cover. Cook until meat is tender and easily falls off the bone about 1 hour. Remove chicken from pot add carrots, celery, and onion to the broth. Simmer until vegetables are tender. Remove meat from chicken bones and return to vegetable broth mix drain peas and corn add to mix. simmer for 10 minutes and serve.

I have also added rice or noodles and have used leftover soup to make pot pies. Thicken soup with a roux made from rendered chicken fat and flour spoon into baking dish cover with dough and bake until browned.

Tomorrow I will give the recipe for making this dish using Freeze Dried Ingredients

You will find this recipe over at the Links page Recipes

My grandmother used cast iron to cook just about everything personally I think it made the food taste much better. If you haven’t tried cast iron cooking you should cast iron is better than non stick if you season your pans right.

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Fire Starters – You Can Never Have Enough

Fire Starters

Fire Starters

Yesterday we posted an article from our friends over at Authorized Boots on making survival shelters. If you missed it you can find it here Make Survival Shelters Ultimate Guide. What do you need once you have built the ultimate shelter? FIRE! Warm your shelter and to start the fire you need Fire Starters.

You can never have enough ways to start a fire I always have some type of fire starter with me. Sure you can try rubbing two sticks together and it is a good skill to have however when you are cold and tired do you want to take the time? I can not stress this enough you need at least three ways to start a fire. If you were to look in my bug out bag you would find more than three fire starter.  There are at least 3 lighters they are cheap dollar store 5 pack for a buck. Waterproof matches in a prescription bottle, Magnesium Survival Fire Starter, and a magnifying glass. There are many other ways including the hand drill friction method.

For your fire starter, you will also need tinder and kindling to get your fire going make sure and collect these before attempting to start your fire add larger pieces of wood once your fire is burning. For tinder, I carry a small tin with cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol and petroleum jelly. I also have char cloth and a commercial fire starter called wetfire.Fire Starters

Wetfire can get a fire going no matter how wet it is, we soaked a cube in a cup of water for an hour then put a match to it began to burn right away.

Char Cloth Fire Starter

Char Cloth is probably the ultimate fire starter a small spark or ember will catch it and begin burning see how to make it.

How to make Char Cloth

With fire, you have a way to keep warm, cook your food and if necessary signal for help

See more fire starter at Amazon


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