Harder Than Expected SHTF Diet Days 4 – 6

Harder Than Expected

OK, this could be harder than  expected it’s day 4 and my family is being as realistic as they can. All the fresh and frozen meat is gone. We still have some fresh vegetables in the garden, and the chickens are still laying. We are now down to dried or preserved meat and vegetables and whatever we can  forage.

Day Four 7/19

For breakfast dehydrated eggs whites and yolks from My Patriot Supply and a slab of SPAM.

Kassie and I went fishing this morning so lunch consisted of protein bars and water.

For dinner, we had fresh trout with rice and vegetables.

I’ve lost another half pound everyone else is pretty much where they were on day 3.  I might be working more than they are, time for Kassie to begin chopping wood.

Day Five 7/20

Busted! I knew Kassie had a stash of candy bars somewhere I just caught her and Scott in the shop munching on a Hershey bar the look on their faces when I slipped in the side door was priceless, can’t fool dear old dad now I have 4 Hershey bars to add to the larder guess what I’m having for desert tonight.

Harder Than ExpectedBreakfast two whole wheat pancakes with powdered butter and blueberry jam. This butter powder isn’t too bad, I could actually taste the butter texture is a little creamy but otherwise pretty good stuff. We got ours from EMERGENCY ESSENTIALS/BePrepared.com/

Lunch was a couple of leftover biscuits and venison jerky, water. My wife makes the best biscuits when they are right out of the oven but after a few days well they are still good but a little hard or I should have just said hardtack.

Dinner- Rice and beans with vegetables I need to go fishing again.

Day Six 7/21

Breakfast- Oatmeal with raisins  that’s it plain and simple. we did get a choice oatmeal or cornmeal mush.

Lunch today was a protein bar and water with an orange flavored energy powder.

Dinner – Canned chicken made into a gravy over rice with vegetables.

Vegetables have become a big part of this diet mostly because we grow a large garden and preserve most of it so we are using up some of the things from last season.

This is going to get more interesting in the days ahead. I’m not much of a vegetable person, yep, harder than  expected

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Preppers Garden – Tip Of The Week – July 21, 2016 –

 Small Scale Preppers Garden

When you plan a preppers garden consider the following.

 Instead of regular houseplants, grow herbs and vegetables like basil, oregano, spinach, various lettuces and anything edible.

Tomatoes can be grown in pots on the patio or apartment balcony.  Got two or three old tires laying around?Potatoes can be grown in old tires.

Lay some straw down place the tire on top add some good dirt or compost until the tire is full plant your seed potatoes water and wait for them to come up. Once they have a few leaves stack another tire fill with the dirt or compost continue until you have three or four tires stacked and filled. After the plants flower and the leaves begin to fall dig in you will have new potatoes at the top with larger as you get near the bottom.

We grow corn in the same way using one tire for five stalks we line the tires three or four rows of five side by side we then fill with compost and plant five seeds per tire you will get one or two ears from each stock. We use this method for our kitchen garden.

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