Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Emergency Preparedness Checklist

What to Include in a ‘Bug-Out’ Kit
The Emergency Preparedness Checklist below is intended to be a starting point for building your own 72hr ‘Bug-Out’ kit and is not intended to be all-inclusive. You may think of additional items you want to include. We offer a separate Home Emergency Preparedness Checklist for supplies to have on-hand at home that you can to download to assist you.
Be sure to keep your kit as light as possible, preferably under 25 lbs. Can be built for 1 or 2 persons (adjust supplies accordingly).

We would like to thank our friends at Nito-Pak for sharing this Emergency Preparedness Checklist.

Receive more preparedness checklists or download PDF copies at this link Nitro-Pak CheckLists


Be careful. Weight adds quickly here.
☐ Lifeboat water pouches–5yr SL
Recommend 4 per day (12 p/p)
☐ *Personal water filtering bottle
☐ *Chlorine dioxide purifying tablets
☐ *Extra water (to carry)


We recommend only non-thirst provoking food
rations that are not affected by heat or freezing.
☐ 3600 calorie Mainstay, Datrex or
Millennium food bars p/p
☐ *Granola bars, jerky, trail mix, etc.
☐ *Freeze-dried meals
☐ *Cereals, powdered soups,
powdered drink mix
(extra water req’d to eat/digest)
☐ *Plastic plate, cup & utensils


☐ Knucklemender™ first aid kit with
first aid manual
☐ N95 Surgical/dust masks
☐ Chap lip stick
☐ *Sun, insect repellant wipes


☐ Emergency space blanket
☐ Lightweight bivy sleeping bag
☐ Emergency poncho
☐ Hand & body warmers (6)
☐ Water/wind proof matches
☐ Disposable butane lighter
☐ Tube tent shelter
☐ *Folding lightweight stove & fuel
☐ *Baseball/knit cap


☐ $20-$100 cash in small bills. Checks
& Credit cards may be useless.


☐ Playing cards, small games
☐ Chewing gum
☐ Hard candy drops


☐ Lightweight jacket
☐ Personal protection device(s)
☐ *Sturdy comfy shoes
☐ *Extra underwear set


☐ 36hr candle
☐ LED flashlight & spare batteries
☐ Instant 12hr lightsticks (2-3)
☐ *LED Headlamp


☐ Solar/crank/battery am/fm/noaa
weather radio
☐ Camping whistle w/lanyard
☐ Pen, pencil, paper, notepad
☐ Spare batteries (all devices)
☐ Important phone # in/out of town
☐ *Solar/crank cell phone charger


☐ Alcohol hand sanitizer/wipes (12)
☐ Roll of toilet tissue
☐ Compact facial tissue (2)
☐ Nitrile exam gloves (2pr)
☐ Sanitation toilet bag liner
☐ *Small wash towel
☐ *Toothbrush, paste, comb, razor
☐ *Feminine hygiene supplies
☐ *Compact baby wipes
☐ *Concentrated camp soap (sm)
☐ *Contact lens solution


☐ Multi-function tool w/can opener
☐ Mini sew kit
☐ 50’-100’ nylon paracord/rope
☐ Duct tape (mini roll)
☐ Leather palm gloves
☐ 3mil garbage bag
☐ Plastic shovel/trowel
☐ *Compass/local map of area
☐ *Safety goggles/sun glasses


☐ Personal medications needed
☐ Copy of doctor prescriptions
☐ *Baby formula, cereal, diapers,
baby wipes


☐ Quality backpack for your gear
☐ Spare car/home keys
☐ Copy of passport & driver’s license
☐ Stress reliever games/card

Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Improvised Weapons For SHTF

   Improvised Weapons You Can Make At Home

So you have all the weapons and ammunition you need already be stockpiled in your basement or bug out location. What happens when the ammo runs out or you need perimeter security? We have been experimenting and researching improvised weapons for a while now and have found some interesting ideas.

Weapons You May Not Have Thought Of

Fire extinguishers.

Blast someone with a fire extinguisher and you can buy yourself some time and the element of surprise. While they are trying to get that crap out of their eyes and mouth you attack or escape.

Hornet Spray.

Spray an attacker with hornet spray and you will definitely have the upper hand. Hornet spray will spray 20 to 25 feet and blind and even kill an attacker. Buy a couple of cans and practice with one can. As a result, you will be able to judge distance and accuracy.


The common everyday pen is another weapon you probably wouldn’t think of. While this makes a good weapon you have to get close enough to use it. How to use a pen as a weapon video.

Do a google search with the words improvised weapons, as a result, you will find hundreds of items you can use.

Unconventional Improvised Weapons

Look at the videos and instructions listed below to learn more about unconventional and improvised weapons.

Improvised Weapons

Stun Grenade

How to make a mini cannon

Stun Grenade 


Landmine Video

Homemade Crossbow Video 


Use your imagination here these can be utilized as weapons or early warning devices.

Affiliate Compensation Disclosure. From time to time, we promote, endorse, or suggest products or services of others. In most cases, we will receive compensation – either as an affiliate with a commission based on sales or with a free product to review or use. Our recommendations are always based on (i) our personal belief in the high quality and value of the product or service, and (ii) our review of the product or service, or a prior relationship or positive experience with the sponsoring person or organization

Survival Shelter For Your Bug Out Bag

Types of Survival Shelter

Survival Shelters can be anything from a downed tree to a fancy cabin in the woods. Here we will explore the different types of survival shelter you would use in a survival situation. In addition to your survival shelter, you will need a way to build a fire for warmth and cooking.

So due to circumstances beyond your control  you get caught outside in the wilderness you are going to need shelter. You will build a shelter from what you have on hand. A tarp and rope or cord, make an A-Frame from poles from downed trees and limbs.

Carry the following items in your pack or bag at all time when out in the wilderness! Carry a tarp or backpack tent, 50 to 100 feet of paracord. In addition to the tarp, you want to carry a knife, fire starter and a sleeping bag of some type.

While we would prefer a tent and a warm sleeping bag, and ground pad that doesn’t always fit the situation.

Building Survival Shelter

The most important thing you need to remember is if your cold and wet you need shelter immediately. Start looking for a place to build your shelter before you need it.

To build an easy shelter using just your tarp tie your rope or paracord between two trees then drape the tarp over the basic skills preppers need. Survival shelterline. Do the same thing by lashing a pole between the trees or just one tree and stretching your tarp over it while pulling it tight to the ground.  Lay poles over a log and stretch your tarp over it pulling it tight while this is not the best it works.

Look at the suggested list below and see what will work for you.

Survival Shelters

Tarp with rope or paracord

Backpack tent

Sleeping bags and Bivvy Sacks

Fire starters

Also look at these companies for all your survival needs

Forge Survival Supply

Survival Frog LLC


Affiliate Compensation Disclosure. From time to time, we promote, endorse, or suggest products or services of others. In most cases, we will receive compensation – either as an affiliate with a commission based on sales or with a free product to review or use. Our recommendations are always based on (i) our personal belief in the high quality and value of the product or service, and (ii) our review of the product or service, or a prior relationship or positive experience with the sponsoring person or organization

EMP Attack Would You Be Prepared?

The Question Of An EMP Attack

With all the talk about a possible war with Russia and rogue countries like North Korea and Iran having Nuclear capability  . This last week we have heard the phrase EMP Attack . And the question how do you prepare for an EMP Attack probably 10-15 times. So I thought we would address the issue here.  Because we are not experts in the field,  we have researched the subject providing links for your further research. Red links are posts from our blog.

What Is An EMP Attack

An EMP Attack or EMP  is a short burst of electromagnetic energy. Such a pulse’s origination may be a natural occurrence or man-made and can occur as a radiated, electric or magnetic field or a conducted electric current, depending on the source. For this post, we consider an EMP Attack to be. A nuclear warhead detonated hundreds of kilometers above the Earth’s surface is known as a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) device.

As a result of an EMP Attack, we would experience a long-term loss of the power grid, and that means no communications. If you have not prepared for the EMP there will be a very short window of time before SHTF.

What Will Effect Of An EMP Attack Be?

If you have not prepared life as you know it will cease to exist. Cell phones, radio, TV will not work. In addition, vehicles may or may not run. Banks and other financial institutions will not function your ATM and credit cards will not work. Transportation will slow or shut down and what does that mean to you? No food delivery to the grocery store, if you are lucky enough to have a vehicle that still operates no fuel deliveries. And no police or fire protection even if you could call they will be more than a little busy.

So How Do You Prepare?

The first thing you need to do is accept the fact that an EMP Attack can happen. The problem is that most people think the government will be there to help, THINK AGAIN. How is the government going to distribute food, water, and medicine to a few million people? No, they will be busy trying to survive themselves.

The second thing you need to do is PREPARE.

Begin with a Bug Out Bag and keep it with you at all times.

Food Storage

If you haven’t already begun building a food storage stockpile now is the time to begin. Start with some basic supplies like rice, beans, and pasta, add some canned vegetables and meats. You may also want to read this EMP Attack, water storage,post on freeze dried meals.


The next thing you will want is water. A minimum of two liters per day per person and that is just drinking. You need to consider cooking and personal hygiene when thinking of water. If you are on the municipal water you will either need to store water or find another source. water will cease to flow to your tap. No matter where you source your water be sure it is potable.  You will need to filter and treat your water. We did a post on Water Purification and Filtration.


You may say I have my house or apartment why do I need shelter? What happens if there’s a fire or you need to leave for safety or security reasons? You will need some type of shelter once again we will refer you to the post on Bug Out Bags.


Personal Protection and Security

Yes, this means some type of weapon it could be a rifle, shotgun, handgun, knife, or a sling shot. Without a way to protect you and your family all the preparations in the world won’t help. At some point, someone is going to want what you have. The type of weapon you choose is your personal choice. Up here where we are we carry handguns everywhere, there is usually a rifle or shotgun in our vehicle. What ever you choose get to know it learn everything about it, how to use it, how to clean it. It will be your best friend when SHTF after an EMP Attack so you will treat it like a best friend.

Learn to Grow Your Own Food

Being able to grow your own food could make the difference between life and death. If you have a green thumb that is great if not start now to learn how to grow your own food.

Build A Faraday Cage

A faraday cage can protect sensitive electrical items from the effects of an EMP Atack. What is a faraday cage and how does it work? Read about them at Faradaycage.org for an explanation.

Make Faraday cages from galvanized trash cans, ammo boxes, wrap a cardboard box in heavy duty aluminum foil.

How to make a simple trash can faraday cage
  1. You will need first a new galvanized trash can with a tight-fitting lid.
  2. Metal tape
  3. cardboard

Line the metal trash can with cardboard making sure there are no gaps so no items will touch the metal part of the can. In addition to the cardboard, we used spray foam insulation to fill around the bottom gap.EMP Attack, faraday cage trash-can-2-300x254

We would suggest some added protection when adding items to the faraday cage. Small items like radios, cell phones, and laptops can be left in the original box and wrapped in heavy duty foil or put into anti-static bags

Put your items in the faraday cage put the lid on tight and wrap with metal tape so it seals the lid.

One Last Thing

In any situation, you are going to need a way to purchase supplies because cash will be worthless. If you don’t have something to trade or barter with as a result you could be up, the proverbial creek.

The valuable items will be ammunition, food, medicine and toilet paper yes toilet paper also alcohol . stock up on these items. You also want to have tobacco even if you don’t use it yourself it will make a great barter item.

Gold, Silver and other precious metals and stones will also be in demand as payment for the things you will need.

Suggested reading for more information on surviving an EMP Attack.

Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from EMP  — download and read the entire, official report

One Second After

EMP – Protect Family, Homes, and Community

The Survival Mom

Disaster Preparedness for EMP Attacks and Solar Storms

EMP Protection

9 Way To Prepare For An EMP

Buy Gold and Silver - Money Metals Exchange

Affiliate Compensation Disclosure. From time to time, we promote, endorse, or suggest products or services of others. In most cases, we will receive compensation – either as an affiliate with a commission based on sales or with a free product to review or use. Our recommendations are always based on (i) our personal belief in the high quality and value of the product or service, and (ii) our review of the product or service, or a prior relationship or positive experience with the sponsoring person or organization




survival guides,ULTIMATE SURVIVAL DVD LIBRARY When you’re honest with yourself you know you can have all the gear in the world and still not be safe.

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