Skills For New And Beginning Preppers

New and Beginning Preppers

Skills For  New And Beginning Preppers

I often receive emails from new and beginning preppers asking for information about skills they should or could learn. Rather than go into long discussions on how, why, or when to learn certain skills. I have decided to post how-to links for those skills most requested. You will also find these links  posted on our links page under skills and resources.

In my opinion finding and purifying water is probably the most important skill you will ever learn. You can survive for days and weeks without food you will only survive a 2 or 3 days without water. Next, would be building shelter and fire starting these are essential survival skills for new and beginning preppers to learn. In addition to these, I would recommend map and compass reading and first aid.

First Of All The Bug Out Bag

The first thing I recommend to any new and beginning preppers is the Bug Out Bag or BOB. Another name for the Bug Out Bag are  72-hour bag, go bag, get home bag.  Especially relevant here is  the items in this bag can and  probably will save your life in a survival situation.  You will be able to purchase these premade or build one yourself using our Bug Out Bag Checklist.

In the BOB you will carry all your necessary survival tools and supplies. Most important a way to filter or treat water, fire starters, first aid, shelter and navigation tools. In addition, you will also have food, flashlight, extra batteries, extra clothes all of this is covered in our checklist.

Here The Links We Recommend For New And Beginning Preppers


How to find and purify water GIZMODO

10 Ways To Purify Water  Outdoor Life

Six Ways To Purify Water In The Wild  Wonder How To


How to Make a Survival Shelter: Ultimate Guide  Authorized Boots

How To Build A Survival Shelter  Boy’s Lif Magazine

Survival Shelters: 15 Best Designs and How to Build Them  Outdoor Life

Fire starter, New and Beginning Preppers

Magnesium Fire Starter

Starting A Fire:

How to use a magnesium fire starter YouTube Video

How to use a flint striker YouTube Video

First Aid:

Rather than give you a link to first aid sites or videos. I recommend that you take a basic first aid course contact the American Red Cross or your local chapter.

American Red Cross First Aid Class   New and beginning preppers



Compass and Map Reading:

How to Read A compass in 4 Lessons

Lesson 1 , Lesson 2 , Lesson 3 , Lesson 4

Finding direction without a compass

Map Reading and Orienteering

How To Read A Map

Reading a map and compass


Map and compass VIDEO


 How to use a signaling mirror

In conclusion, I make the following comments and wish all of you good luck. Therefore,  Always Remember Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst. 

First and foremost this is all about you the new and beginning preppers only you know what will work in your situation  but always remember knowledge in power.

Finally, in addition, the books listed below are on my recommended reading list. While I believe the information above will give you a start printed books are good to have as reference material. Furthermore, I would suggest that you print and keep in a loose leaf binder any information you find interesting.


reading list, New and beginning preppers


New and beginning preppers



New and beginning preppers, survival guides, reading list





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