Fire Starter From Items Found In Your Home Or Shop

Make Your Own Fire Starter

There are all kinds of ways to make a fire starter. Cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly, cardboard toilet paper rolls filled with dryer lint, egg cartons with wax and woodchips.

In this post, we will show you how to make these fire starters and more.

Cardboard Tube with Dryer Lint

What you will need:

Cardboard toilet paper tubes or paper towel rolls.

Lint from your dryer.

Fire Starter

Cardboard rolls and Lint

This is a real simple fire starter to make. Take the dryer lint and stuff the cardboard tube,  if using paper towel rolls cut them in half.  Theses start easily with a match, lighter or firestick.

Cotton Balls Soaked in Petroleum Jelly

To make petroleum jelly cotton balls you only need two things. Cotton balls make sure they are 100% cotton and petroleum jelly. Rubbing the petroleum jelly into the cotton balls can be messy I use latex gloves and work it in.

I found this YouTube Video that is much easier than mine.


Wax, Wood Chips, and Egg Cartons

The items you will need for this fire starters are: paper egg carton

Paper egg carton old wax candles or surplus wax

Old wax candles or surplus wax.
An old pan that you will only be using for this
Kindling ( sawdust,wood chips.)
Source of Heat ( Stove top, hot plate, etc.)

I save up old candles for the wax I also find paraffin and candles at garage sales and thrift stores.

Check a local lumber yard if the cut lumber for sawdust or chips

Melt your wax on low heat, while the wax is melting put the sawdust and chips into the egg cartons. Once your wax is melted pour into the egg carton make sure the wax is mixed with sawdust. Let the wax harden and you have your fire starter.

Cardboard Firestarters

Take and old cardboard box cut into squares 2×2 or larger, dip in wax and let dry. Easy to pack easy to store.

Fire starters for the fire starter

And while we are talking about fire starters lets not forget these

Fire Starter

Hand Cranked Fire Starter

Fire starter

Magnesium Fire Starter



Fire Starter

Fire Lighters 20 Pack

Fire Starter

Strike Anywhere Matches



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