Prepared – Are You – 3 Reasons You Should Be Prepping

Will You Be Prepared

Will you be prepared for the next natural disaster? tornados, Hurricanes, Snow and Ice Storms, if you’re not prepared these can bring your world to a halt.

I remember my dad telling a story about being stationed in Northern Nevada.  A snow storm closed down most of Northern Nevada and California power was out, roads closed nothing was moving. If the delivery trucks can’t get to the store shelves will be bare.

What about civil unrest, monetary collapse, grid down, war or any number of other reasons you should prepare?

Reason Number 1:

As mentioned above natural disaster is a common reason to prepare . If your city was hit by an earthquake, tornado or any other type of natural disaster would you be prepared?

Do you have enough food and water for your family for at least 3 days? How about shelter? If your home was lost because of a natural disaster would you be able to provide shelter for your family? I have a friend who lives in Alabama get their share of tornadoes problem is his house doesn’t have a basement. To make sure he has supplies if his house should get hit he buried supplies in his backyard.   He  dug a hole large enough to fit an old chest freezer  put in his supplies and buried it.

Natural disasters are not the only reason to prepare.

Reason  Number 2:

Civil unrest, riots, etc.

With the way things have been going in our country, any city or town could be hit with civil unrest. Do you want to go out to buy groceries with riots and looting happening everywhere? Will you be prepared for such an event? You need to keep a minimum of 3 days of food, water on hand. You also need some way of protecting you and your family,  I keep a 12 Gauge and 45 ACP handy.

Reason Number 3:

Monetary collapse, EMP grid down, war

This is the Big One hopefully we never see it but the way the world right now hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

What are you going to do if this should happen? Are you ready for the total collapse of our monetary system? Are you prepared for the grid to be down for days, weeks, even years?

Prepare Now

You need to prepare now for whatever may be coming you never know when it will happen.

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