Can You Survive On The SHTF Diet

Prep to Survive SHTF.

Survive on your preps.

This week I received an e-mail from a young man asking me to describe the best SHTF diet well this was something new to me I spent years in the military much of that time I spent living on c rations or MRE “meals refused by everybody” I didn’t have an answer so I discussed it with my wife, daughter, and Scott.

We have a pretty good food supply we decided it was time to rotate it out. We use what we store and replace it on a  regular schedule this keeps it from expiring although some of this canned stuff that is supposed to last for years I don’t know that I want to test the idea unless I the stuff really does hit the fan.

A Little Talking

Well after some discussion we decided to see how it all works my wife says I need to lose a few pounds anyway so beginning tomorrow we will be going on the SHTF Diet for 30 days.

We will post what foods we are consuming, approximate calories consumed and expended and any weight loss or gains since the ladies don’t want to reveal their weights we will only give weight gain or loss.

Also keep in mind that we do grow much of our own food and forage for others and I am not giving up the berries that are now in season. And if we mention eggs and milk remember we do have chickens and a milk cow.

We will also share some of the recipes used for some of these meals.

Here are some of the foods we will be digging into:

Rice, Beans, dehydrated foods, canned and fresh meat, fresh vegetables, and a few other surprises no one thinks about when you’re trying to survive. Oh, yea and some of those MRE things actually they have improved over the years.

We will post the first couple days this weekend.



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