Canned Bacon not for Everyone – SHTF Diet Days 11 – 13

Canned Bacon Day 11

I mentioned canned bacon in the last post and that I was not impressed. I’m not quite sure what I didn’t like it had the flavor but somehow the texture wasn’t the same. Some people like it, I guess canned bacon isn’t for everyone.

So with that said you probably guessed we had canned bacon again this morning. Seems that there is enough in a can to last four people three or four days. And I thought MRE’s were bad.Potatoes and Canned Bacon

Breakfast this morning consisted of what I would call a country scramble. Kassie chopped up the canned bacon added it to some whole dried eggs and Potatoes O’Brien wasn’t too bad. The eggs and potatoes we got from My Patriot Supply and are actually good. The canned bacon wasn’t that bad either having been mixed in with the other ingredients.Eggs and Canned Bacon

For lunch, we got a food bar and an orange drink mix. Not exactly what I had hoped for after that breakfast but should have expected.

Dinner was a little better no canned bacon or food bars although I kind of like the food bars.

My wife baked up chicken pot pie. She made up a pie crust added canned chicken, vegetables and made a gravy with powdered milk, flour, and seasoning.

We’ll post recipes at the end of this series as a separate post

Day 12 More Canned Bacon

Trying to use up that canned bacon I had to pass I just couldn’t do it. If we were in a real SHTF scenario I would not even hesitate to eat that bacon.

So breakfast was bacon, oatmeal, and toast. I can manage on oatmeal and toast I eat this a lot on hunting and fishing trips quick and easy.

Beans again I guess since I complained about the canned bacon they would go back to beans. You guessed it the bacon was used up to flavor the beans. Beans and cornbread for lunch pretty good I just picked out the bacon. By now your thinking I don’t like bacon, I love bacon just not canned bacon.

Dinner was more of the beans and cornbread. I finally broke out those Hershey bars I confiscated from Kas last week.

Day 13 What Could Go Wrong

I was up early on the road to check our other cabin about 12 miles from the main house. We use this cabin as kind of a backup BOL, we also use it as a hunting cabin. Today I’m going up to check if things are still secure. Breakfast is a food bar and coffee I should be back before lunch.

Getting home before lunch wasn’t going to happen. Had to clear a fallen tree from the road that took up some time. I finally arrived at the cabin around noon a trip that normally takes 2 hours turned into 5. Keep in mind these are old logging roads so most of the time I am crawling up there. As I was getting ready to head home I noticed my passenger rear tire was low. On inspection, I found the side wall had a small puncture and was leaking air. After changing the tire I decided to just stay here for the night and head home in the morning.

I can’t tell you what they had for lunch or dinner back at the homestead probably a feast since I wasn’t around. I can tell you I had jerky and a food bar for lunch. For dinner, I fixed pancakes since all it took was water and the mix we have at the cabin. Finished them off for breakfast on Day 14.

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