Beans, Rice, Food Bars – It’s Whats for Breakfast SHTF Diet Days 8-10

Beans, Rice, Food Bars

Beans, Rice, Food Bars seemed like an appropriate title for this chapter of our little experiment. Day Eight started with:

Day Eight -Beans For Breakfast

Well, is’s been awhile since I’ve had beans for breakfast. I really wasn’t expecting it this morning, I figured since the chickens are laying maybe we would get fresh eggs. What I got was a bowl of beans and corn cakes.

Lunch turned out to be beans and rice. Now I like beans and rice I really do but for breakfast and, lunch I’m liking them not so much.

Bet you can’t even guess what was for dinner yep more of them beans and rice.

Day Nine – More of the Same

Yep, you guessed it beans for breakfast again. will this experiment ever end?

Lunch was a surprise what my wife calls the lost ways stew yes it did have beans and rice. There was also some vegetables and pasta with some canned beef this was good. Beans, Rice, Food Bars

My wife baked up some bread to go with the stew for dinner this evening. Scott and I are in heaven.

Day Ten – What Will They  Cook up Today

WOW! Bacon and eggs for breakfast with some of the bread from last night’s dinner. I knew those chickens were laying.  I’m not too  impressed with the canned bacon. But after two days of beans,  I won’t complain.

I guess I got excited way too soon. We had food bars for lunch however they are packed with calories and don’t taste that bad.

Dinner – More beans and rice with canned chicken I think

How long can you live on beans, rice, and food bars? Beans, Rice, Food Bars

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