Whats Your Survival Plan Part 1


WHAT!! You don’t have a plan?

Forest Fire

Everyone needs a plan, my family has a plan for every possible scenario in our area we don’t see many tornadoes or hurricanes but the very real possibility of a volcano blowing its top. This past winter 2016 we had enough snow to close the road for a couple of months we survived because we had a plan, and we have prepared for years.

First Steps In Your Plan

I,m not going to sit here and give you a plan I will give you the steps in preparing plan.

Step One – Get a pen and paper write down everything that could go wrong it could be anything from a serious illness to losing your job a freak snow storm, flood, power outage or total global collapse write down everything that comes to mind no matter how slim the possibility. If your part of a prepper group two or three can build the list. In step two get as many people in your group involved as you can. If you’re a single or couple your already ahead of step two.

  • Step Two – Sit down with family, friends, neighbors or who ever is in your prepper or survivalist group and go over the list, you may decide to drop some things and add others. Once you and your group have the list completed move on to step three.
  • Step Three – Here I will give you a couple of examples from our list.
      1. Loss of Income –

a) Cash Reserve we keep a cash reserve on hand not in the bank but

right here at the homestead since our property is paid for and our

living expenses are low we don’t need to keep a lot of cash on hand you



need to decide what is best for you.

b) Food supply for a minimum of one month preferably longer this will

keep food on the table till you can get back to work get insurance

payments or what ever you have to do to get back on your feet. This

is only 2 of the 14 items on our list in this category, you may find

you need more or less it’s what works best for you in your situation.

2) Local Service Disruptions –

we consider this as weather related problems like the road closer



mentioned earlier. Power outage from snow overload or high winds it

could be a tornado, snow storm, riots anything that keeps you from

getting to the grocery store or keeps those stores from being resupplied

or the power out.

  1. a) Food and Water
  2. b) Fuel for the generator or cooking and heating
  • Gas, Diesel, Kerosene, firewood etc.
  1. c) Shelter if you should have to leave your home
  • Tent, Tarp, Sleeping bag, etc.

3) National Disasters –

Use your imagination this could be just about any thing that affects the

Nation. Economic depression, severe stock market crash or collapse of the


Your smart enough to figure this out so we’ll move on to the next steps.


Tornado Damage

How Long Will It Last

  • Step Four – Consider everything you have written above and then think about how long each event may last keep in mind that depending on the disaster or emergency it could be only a few days or many months or years.

The Plan For Survival

Now that you have an idea of what and how things can go bad you can begin building

your survival plan not every plan will work the same my plan won’t work for someone

in Florida and your plan most likely won’t work for me. Go to one of the survivalist or prepper forums and ask about survival plans you’ll get a dozen answers all different of course they will all be right but not for you or me.

  • Step Five – If you have prepped long you have already started laying in your food and water stores if not this is a good time to start. Depending on the type of emergency you will either stay in your home or bug out, we’ll discuss these individually in Part 2 tomorrow

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