My wife and I visited COSTAR today we were shopping for our monthly food storage items some will replace what we have used and some will be repackaged and used for long-term. We had a budget of $200 for this trip and were able to get the items we wanted and still be under this amount.

Here is what we got and a break down of our costs:

2 – 25 pound sacks of long grain rice 6.89 sack = 13.78
4 – 4 packs canned pulled pork in water 16 total cans 8.69 each = 34.76
4 – 33 oz jars Organic Maple Syrup 10.99 jar = 43.96
1 – 2 pack 43 oz jars coconut oil = 27.98
1 – 2 pack organic cane sugar = 27.99
4 – 4 packs of assorted pasta 6.98 each = 27.92
Total = 173.69

We came in under budget by $23.61

Many of these items will be used in our regular meals. The pulled pork will have homemade BBQ sauce added to make pulled pork sandwiches, my wife makes the buns made from the flour. The pasta will also be used with sauces made from fresh vegetables grown in our garden.

The idea is to stock up with bulk buys and then use what you need for your regular daily use then replace as you go.

We started by purchasing a little extra each week until we had a month supply then began buying a little more it seemed like no time at all that we had enough to last us at least a year.

We like COSTCO because we can buy the same items we would buy at the local grocer and get it in larger quantity in most cases for less.

We are not affiliated with COSTCO in any way other than as a consumer our lawyer made us put that in there

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