Prepping on a budget is not that hard once you get used to the idea that you may have to cut something out. I dropped my gym membership got me an extra $40 month I just park a little further out in the parking lot when going to my favorite gun store. A friend quit smoking has an extra $2000 a year for those prepping items just bought himself a BUSHMASTER AR-15, XM15-E2S and plenty of ammo.

seriously when you go shopping pick up an extra couple cans of corn or chili my wife buys a couple of pounds of beans and rice from the bulk bins at our local grocer each week, she will also buy the store brand canned goods by the case and rotate them on a regular basis just write the date on the can with a marker and use the oldest first.

You will also want to put up some long shelf life foods we have found that the best place for us has been My Patriot Supply the price is right and they offer free shipping on orders over $79 and believe it or not their food actually tastes good. Here is a link to their site. My Patriot Supply

We also grow our own garden spring thru fall each year we purchased the survival seed vault from My Patriot Supply we purchased 3 cans for around $80 and save three times that on our grocery bill because they are non=GMO  100% Heirloom seeds we can save seeds to use in the future.

This should give you an idea where to start.  Figure out how you can cut out a couple extra dollars each week from your morning coffee or that supersize at lunch. Think dollar stores we’ll have more on this later. Subscribe to our blog and get notifications of new posts via email we promise not to overload you’re in box with junk.

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